Tenant Evictions Crisis

Tenant Evictions Crisis - row of terraced housing

Many landlords in London are facing even longer waits to evict tenants due to the Government bailiffs’ decision to “down tools” over safety concerns. This situation has been compounded by the fact that other parts of the UK are facing similar delays.

For LandlordZONE comment piece, our CEO Daren Simcox highlights the County Court bailiff issues. Daren explains the situation is occurring because, although County Court warrant activity has not increased significantly, the number of bailiffs employed by courts and available to attend evictions has been declining.

He says one County Court bailiff he spoke to recently was covering four courts – an extraordinary situation given the workload they face. Residential tenant evictions have become even more difficult for landlords who use the traditional county court route.

So what’s the alternative? Daren explains that those landlords who don’t want to wait can also ask for their eviction to be transferred to the High Court.

Transferring up a possession order to the High Court enforcement is a real cost-effective alternative.
There is a misconception that this route to obtain a High Court Writ of Possession is expensive. This is really a false economy, as the overall outlay [of £490 plus VAT] represents less than one month’s rent, especially when you consider the time taken to get an eviction in the county court.

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