Successful Resolutions Last Month

We are pleased to share the positive feedback that we have received over the last month at High Court Writ Recovery (HCWR). Our commitment to excellence and dedication to our clients have resulted in successful outcomes. We are delighted that they are satisfied and have expressed their appreciation.

High Court Enforcement Successes

We always strive to achieve that the debt is paid in full and are delighted to have done so in the following examples:

1. Over £57,000 collected

One notable success involves the recovery of over £57,000 on a commercial debt for a Solicitor client.

“Excellent. Fantastic result”.

Midlands Solicitor Client

2. Fast Action – Paid in Full within 7 Days

Another success was where we allocated the High Court Writ Control to an agent. The Enforcement Agent visit was completed within 7 days and the debt paid in full on attendance.

“This is a fantastic result, thank you for your assistance with this matter”.

Midlands Solicitor Client

At HCWR, we approach each case with meticulous care and attention, ensuring that debts are recovered efficiently and effectively on behalf of our clients. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to streamline the process from CCJ to successful recovery, providing a seamless experience for those we serve.

Removal of Trespassers within 24 hours

Property Enforcement Services are a key offering at High Court Writ Recovery. This recent example showcased our expertise in removing trespassers from private property. This involved three caravans and vehicles occupying parking bays, along with fly tipping occurring. A Private Parking Company client commended us for swiftly serving eviction notices and successfully negotiating the peaceful departure of trespassers within 24 hours.

“Wayne, many thanks to you and your team fantastic job”.

Private Parking Company Client

Our commmercial property team’s professionalism and efficiency in handling such matters reflect HCWR’s commitment to prompt and effective action. With an online instruction service that initiates same-day actions when instructions are received by noon, we prioritise client needs and ensure swift resolutions.

HCWR is recognised as a friendly and approachable partner for Commercial Property and High Court enforcement services, known for our client-focused approach and reliable solutions. We continue to uphold high standards of service delivery while striving for excellence in all aspects of our work.