High Court Writ Recovery

High Court Writ Recovery is an approachable company dedicated to recovering our clients’ money and property via High Court and Civil Enforcement.

With many years industry experience, our friendly team is respected for their leadership, effectiveness (in collecting £millions per year) and above all integrity.

High Court Writ Recovery

Your Assurance – Our Client Focused and Respectful Customer Approach

High Court Writ Recovery will always focus on your needs – the client. We apply the highest level of expertise and maximum effort to attain the earliest successful resolution. As your responsible enforcement partner, we provide a personable and transparent service. To your customers, we ensure they are always treated with respect and compassion.

High Court Enforcement Services:

Our High Court Enforcement Officer is authorised by the Lord Chancellor’s office to enforce High Court Writs.

This empowers us to provide the following services:

  • Transfer Up of County Court Judgments (CCJs) over £600,
  • Combined Writ of Control (Money Order) & Possession
  • Employment Tribunal Awards / ACAS Settlements.

Commercial Property Recovery:

Our Property Specialists eliminate the stress in helping Landlords, Managing Agents & Property Lawyers.

We provide the following property services:

  • Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR),
  • Commercial Service Charge & Insurance Arrears,
  • Forfeiture of Lease
  • Eviction of Trespassers from Property & Land. 

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Successful Resolutions Last Month

We are pleased to share the positive feedback that we have received over the last month at High Court Writ Recovery (HCWR). Our commitment to excellence and dedication to our clients have resulted in successful outcomes. We are delighted that…

Best Practice & Respectful Approach

Applying best practice and a respectful approach with our clients, their customers and our teams. This ethos forms part of our DNA at High Court Writ Recovery..

We adhere to the High Court Enforcement Officers Association (HCEOA) Code of Best Practice.