Trespasser & Squatter Removal

Trespassers & Squatter Problem?
Our Specialist Team Can Help!

Our specialist team focuses on Trespasser & Squatter Removal. We help landlords and property agents apply the owner’s common law rights, restoring the land or property back to them.

  • Online – Same Day Action
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Experienced Negotiators
  • Established Police Liasion
  • Breach of Peace Avoided
  • Respectful & Calm Approach
  • Proven Results
  • Property & Land Specialists
  • Project Management
  • Locks Changed & Property Secured
  • High Court Writs Enforcement
  • Free* Transfer Up CCJ

Why Our Specialist Trespasser & Squatter Removal Service?

Our commercial property operatives are very experienced in removal of trespassers on land and squatters in a calm professional manner.

We can seamlessly apply common law and execute High Court writs where applicable. High Court Writ Recovery understands the importance of prompt effective action. Our online instruction service starts same day action (if instruction is received by email by noon).

How to Instruct Us Online

  1. Have the relevant information and any documents to hand.
  2. Ensure you have scanned and saved the documents you wish to upload.
  3. Complete the Eviction of Trespassers Form.
  4. Upload any scanned documents when prompted.
  5. Read the Terms & Conditions & E-signature and Tick box to confirm your agreement.
  6. Review each section carefully.
  7. Sign with mouse and click on Submit button.

What Happens Next? At a Glance.

  1. You will receive a copy of the completed form by email.
  2. Please print this off and keep for your records.
  3. On receipt we will act very quickly – before noon same day action.
  4. We will project manage all action on your behalf.
  5. Visit the premises or land area in question.
  6. We will service Notice of Eviction (usually scheduled the next day).
  7. Risk assessment is undertaken.
  8. Identify risk of breach of the peace committed by Trespassers.
  9. Police are notified to be on standby.
  10. On the eviction due day, our team will communicate in a clear and calm manner and negotiate.
  11. Trespassers will fully understand the consequences of remaining on site or in the property.
  12. Removal trucks will be ready.
  13. Trespassers quickly decide to leave peacefully.
  14. In premises, new locks will be fitted and the new keys will be given to the Landlord or agent as requested.

Eviction of Fly Traders

Our experienced team ensure that illegal traders will leave as they are no longer able to operate from the premises.

On receipt of your online instruction High Court Writ Recovery will act quickly. Even though the squatters are in situ, we will promptly and peacefully enter the premises with our services contractors. On taking control of and switching off the services, boarding up the windows and changing the locks, the illegal traders will leave as they are no longer able to operate from the premises. Thereby we will restore to the landlord and property managing agent’s complete control of the property.