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High Court Writs to be Enforced?
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Our High Court Enforcement team is very experienced in recovering clients outstanding debts and securing their property. High Court Writ Recovery aims to achieve a higher ratio of earlier resolution and payments in full.

We also recover money owed from unpaid County Court Judgments (CCJ’s) through our free Transfer Up CCJ to High Court service.

  • Experienced Team
  • Earlier Resolution
  • Payment in Full Specialists
  • Free* Transfer Up CCJ Admin
  • Greater Powers
  • England & Wales

High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) & Enforcement Agents

High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs) have greater powers than other court officers, including County Court Bailiffs. Our High Court Enforcement Officer is authorised by the Lord Chancellor’s office to enforce High Court Writs.

The HCEO manages all our Enforcement Agents. Our Enforcement Agents are certificated and will make the visits to enforce the writ assigned to that case. All our Enforcement Agents have a good knowledge of their local areas. These resources together provide national coverage throughout England and Wales.

Individual Care & Service Consistency

We treat each case with the utmost care and attention on behalf of our clients. Our team applies the same consistent high level of service to all cases. This is irrespective of whether we are managing one instruction or several hundred.

High Court Writ Recovery is a responsible & ethical enforcement company. All our staff including our field Enforcement Agents will always treat your customers with the greatest respect. This approach helps to achieve our goals of early and successful resolution.

  • Enforcement Agents
  • Local Knowledge
  • Responsible & Ethical
  • Respect Customers
  • Individual Care
  • Reliable Service

Owed Money? – Free* Transfer Up CCJ to High Court Enforcement

Taking the High Court route has been shown to be more successful and cost effective* compared to traditional options.

  • CCJ £600 & above
  • Free* Transfer Up CCJ
  • CCJ less than 6 years old
  • All Costs Payable By Debtor

For example, you have a County Court Judgment (CCJ) awarded (£600 and above but less than 6 years old). However, you are still owed the money – that’s when you can rely on us to help. We will manage the Transfer Up CCJ to High Court Enforcement.

Fees explained

*Court Fee £78 +VAT – paid by the claimant. The fee will be added to the total owed to the claimant and is payable by the defendant on a successful action.

*Compliance fee £75 +VAT covers our initial communication to the defendant. It can be added to the total and claimed against the debtor. In the event that the defendant is not located or is insolvent the Compliance Fee will be payable by the claimant.

Transfer Up CCJ to High Court Enforcement

Money owed from a County Court Judgment

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Types of High Court Writs

Through our High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO), we can enforce a number of different types of writs. These include recovery of money owed, securing land and property as well as the rightful return of money and assets. These are as follows:

Writ of Control

This High Court Writ is the most issued in England and Wales for the recovery of money. The Writ of Control enables our Enforcement Agent to secure goods on site against the debt. Although a last resort and rarely required, in the event of non-payment these goods will be seized and sold at public auction.

Writ of Possession

This High Court Writ enables the recovery of property or land after an order for possession has been obtained. Often used for the eviction of trespassers, squatters or unauthorised persons from property and land.

Writ of Possession and Control

This combined writ for both possession of land and recovery of money owed to the claimant.

Writ of Restitution

Issued following the execution of a Writ of Possession where the property or land has been re-occupied by the original trespassers or squatters.

Writ of Delivery

Issued for the recovery of specific assets (and can be combined with a money element) based on the court order authorising delivery of these goods.

Employment Tribunal Award & ACAS Settlements

This remedy applies when you or your client have been successful at an Employment Tribunal or received an ACAS Settlement. However, the money awarded remains unpaid. Our Employment Tribunal Awards & ACAS High Court Enforcement service is very effective to recover payment of your outstanding award or settlement.

Employment Tribunal Awards & ACAS Settlement

Money Owed from an Award or Settlement

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