1st May 2023 – New Company Launch High Court Writ Recovery

High Court Writ Recovery logo

High Court Writ Recovery is a new entrant in the High Court & Property Enforcement sector. The members of the leadership team of the company are established, well-respected specialists within Civil and High Court Enforcement.

The company will focus on High Court and Commercial Property enforcement. This includes Transfer of unpaid CCJs for High Court Enforcement, Commercial Rent Arrears – CRAR, non-rent Service Charge & Insurance arrears, Forfeiture of Lease and Eviction of Trespassers.

The company’s two owners are Daren Simcox, CEO and Wayne Whitford Executive Director. Daren and Wayne are delighted that Kelly Cookson has joined them on the leadership team. Our Team

Kelly is an authorised High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) and has been involved in the enforcement industry for 20 years.

Daren Simcox, says, “drawing upon our team’s expertise and experience, we have created a new modern streamlined company. We offer a range of civil and High Court enforcement services to meet higher compliance and client expectations. Our clients can therefore be assured that our team will always be accessible and approachable. Above all we can quickly respond to our clients and deliver our services in an efficient and professional manner”.

For further information on the new company launch High Court Writ Recovery contact clientservices@highcourtwritrecovery.co.uk

High Court Writ Recovery Services:

Following the Launch High Court Writ Recovery will provide the following services for their clients:

Recovering money & property via High Court Enforcement

  • Transfer Up of County Court Judgments (CCJs) over £600
  • Combined Writ of Control (Money Order) & Possession
  • Employment Tribunal Awards / ACAS Settlements

Commercial rent arrears recovery, non-rent arrears & property via Civil Enforcement.

  • Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR),
  • Commercial Service Charge & Insurance Arrears
  • Forfeiture of Lease
  • Eviction of Trespassers from Property & Land