High Court Writ Recovery joins National Membership of the Money Advice Liaison Group

High Court Writ Recovery is delighted to announce our recent membership with the Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG). The Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG) is a prestigious not-for-profit UK organisation. Its purpose is to galvanise organisations to ‘work together to improve the lives of people with problem debt’.

MALG’s primary objective is to encourage collaboration among various entities to enhance the well-being of individuals struggling with debt-related challenges. It is important to note that MALG does not provide direct financial advice. MALG does however serve as a valuable platform for sharing insights and best practices in the field.

Our association with MALG signifies our commitment to prioritising fairness in our operations. By joining this esteemed group, we aim to refine our approach towards achieving a harmonious balance between efficient debt recovery for our clients and ensuring equitable treatment of customers.

This partnership with MALG will undoubtedly provide us with invaluable insights and resources that will assist us in upholding high standards of fairness and integrity within our industry.